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So long, momo :-(

Yes­ter­day I bricked my phone.

I bought a HTC Dream on an Optus plan the day they released it in Aus­tralia. Out of the box it was awe­some, pretty much everything I wanted out of a smart­phone. But as time passed, the Cup­cake android release became wide­spread, and Optus lol­ly­gagged about push­ing the update out to their users. One by one my favour­ite applic­a­tions released updates that made them incom­pat­ible with my phone, until even­tu­ally I gave up and found a good guide on root­ing G1s.

With an up-to-date firm­ware and Mar­ket Ena­bler to get around Optus’ other major prob­lem of not mak­ing paid applic­a­tions avail­able, I was in smart­phone heaven. That was until I heard wind of ROMs based on the Android 2.1 release (as seen on the new Nexus One hand­set) run­ning on the G1. It looked like it might be fun to try, so off I went.

One of the steps involved in ini­tially root­ing a hand­set involves load­ing a new SPL to bypass region check­ing and enable boot­ing unsigned ROMs, so I’d done it a couple of times before and was fairly com­fort­able with it. Unfor­tu­nately, newer builds need the Haykuro SPL, which is sup­posed to be more aggress­ive with how it deals with the internal stor­age space (lead­ing to more size for big­ger images), but also kind of dan­ger­ous. I double– and triple-checked everything, but still seem to have screwed some­thing up flash­ing the SPL, and now I have a phone that is basic­ally dead. The 1st boot­loader screen comes up, but I can’t get in to the fast­boot menu or the recov­ery image. My poor little momo (my com­puters are named after Samurai Champloo char­ac­ters) was no more.

Luck­ily my birth­day was yes­ter­day, so I don’t feel too bad about treat­ing myself to a new phone. After a morn­ing of read­ing reviews, I think I’ve decided on a Motorola Mile­stone. I’m a little wary of Motorola — my last Moto hand­set was an abso­lute dis­aster, and work­ing for a mobile com­mu­nic­a­tions com­pany means I’ve had a chance to tinker with newer Motorola hand­sets that were sim­il­arly dis­ap­point­ing. But the Mile­stone seems to be a very impress­ive and solidly-built phone. The jury is still out on whether the Mile­stone or the new Nexus One would win for Best Android Phone right now, but I for one am swayed by a good hard­ware keyboard.

So, momo is dead, long live… uh… momo?