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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Diffusing on-camera flash with a film canister

So I was cam­era-ner­d­ing with Alice at a party on Sat­urday night, and found myself whinging migh­tily about on-cam­era flashes. They’re harsh and tend to com­pletely wash out a pic­ture. She brought up an art­icle she’d read recently about using an old film can­is­ter as a dif­fuser, and a moments invest­ig­a­tion showed that she had […]

Hat bashing

I’ve been vaguely unhappy with my Akubra Tur­in lately. Prob­ably because I seem to always pho­to­graph even worse than usu­al while I’m wear­ing it. It does seem to get a lot of ran­dom com­pli­ments from strangers, but I’m still con­vinced a brim that short just doesn’t suit my head. Speak­ing of the brim, it came […]