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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Building an arduino-based video game controller

I play a lot of Kerbal Space Pro­gram because sand­box games in space is pretty much the greatest idea ever. So in an attempt to enhance the game and build some­thing pretty cool, I’ve spent the last sev­er­al months work­ing towards build­ing a con­sole to con­trol the game and dis­play tele­metry. My final design is going […]

Making laser-cut backlit control panels

Most of my cur­rent ardu­ino pro­jects have had pretty ad-hoc enclos­ures. You can go a long way with a Jiffy box and a Dremel. Then I bought an emboss­ing label maker to add some text to my boxes (and, OK, everything else — when you have an emboss­ing label maker everything starts to look like an unlabeled thing). […]