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The Kerbal controller

This after­noon I gave a talk at the Open Hard­ware miniconf at about the Kerbal Space Pro­gram hard­ware con­trol­ler build I’ve been work­ing on for the last little while. I’m pretty proud of this build, the talk was fun, and the crowd seemed to like it, so I’m pretty stoked this even­ing. :)

For those inter­ested, here’s all of the inform­a­tion I have online about it all.

  • slides from today’s talk
  • git repos­it­ory for this build. Source, quite a few cir­cuit schem­at­ics, design and build notes, all sorts of oth­er things. Yes, it does still include the broken rib­bon con­nect­or on the PCB lay­outs, with a large note in the README. :)
  • the KSP for­um thread where I’ve been doc­u­ment­ing build pro­gress since Novem­ber. Lots of posts about oth­er stuff I didn’t have time to talk about today, a large photo album, and a couple of videos of vari­ous stages of the build.

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