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Belated Ada Lovelace day post

I know I’m run­ning late, I’ve barely had time to think lately, let alone try to assemble a coher­ent blog post. But yes­ter­day was Ada Lovelace day and I wanted to draw some atten­tion to one of the less vocal but def­in­itely no less import­ant mem­bers of the Sydney IT com­munity; good friend and crack […]

How to win an LCA charity auction without really trying

So, LCA char­ity auc­tion. Last night I had the sheer pleas­ure of being part of the chaot­ic may­hem that ended in a $10600 win­ning bid (earli­er claims of $10500 were cir­cu­lated before we knew for sure how much we actu­ally had) for Kar­en Garbee’s beau­ti­ful award-win­n­ing print. Rusty informs me that’s the highest bid for […]

LCA mascot and PSA

I am in love with this year’s LCA mas­cot, who I shall refer to as Taz Tuz, because that is actu­ally his name. After care­ful exper­i­ment­a­tion, I have determ­ined that a size 60 might be a bit too large for Taz. In com­pletely unre­lated news, on the way home from din­ner tonight with a group […]

Quick summary of my week in Tasmania

Dis­tance driv­en: 2163.7km. Plus anoth­er 30 or so tomor­row. Dis­tance walked: *shrug* 30km? 40? Lots of short walks ran­ging from half an hour to half a day. Times passed through Hamilton: 4. Best place name: Lem­on­thyme. Best place name that I actu­ally stayed at: Snug. Cutest town: Both­well. It sits smack in the middle of […]

On marching south

OK. I’ve got Some­where to lock my bike up. Some­body to feed my cat (thanks for your last-minute save, Nich­olas!). Plane tick­ets to Hobart. A hire car. A travel buddy, who I’m quite look­ing for­ward to finally actu­ally meet­ing. A honk­ing great big bag full of cam­er­as. A music fest­iv­al. Inten­tions to bump in to […]