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PXE booting using OpenWRT Kamikaze

My net­work gets its addresses from dns­masq run­ning on the Kami­kaze 8.09 release of Open­WRT. This oper­at­ing sys­tem uses an unusu­al sys­tem for con­fig­ur­a­tion, and get­ting dns­masq set up for net­work boot­ing took a little bit of effort. So I’m doc­u­ment­ing it here, for either any­body else who’s stuck on it, or for when I […]

Still serious about storage

Ack, can’t quite believe it’s been five months since the last time I futzed with stor­age. After some minor teeth­ing prob­lems, the DNS-323 has been hum­ming along very hap­pily. I had a lot of prob­lems installing new firm­ware (mostly because I didn’t feel inclined to attach a seri­al con­sole) so ended up build­ing a debi­an […]

Getting serious about storage

Over the last few months I’ve been get­ting increas­ingly wor­ried about stor­age of my digit­al pho­tos. Slides occupy my very pro­fes­sion­al fil­ing sys­tem (I recently expan­ded into a second shoe­box!), and seem fairly well pro­tec­ted of everything short of a house­fire. But pho­tos from both of my digit­al bod­ies were just being sucked out onto […]

Hosting multiple wireless networks on OpenWRT

A little while ago I finally bit the bul­let and reflashed my aging first-gen­er­­a­­tion WRT-54G with the shiny new Kami­kaze release of Open­WRT. I’ve been a little indif­fer­ent about the upgrade from the older Whiter­us­si­an series, and fairly annoyed by the fact that my router no longer seems to want to redi­al the PPPoE con­nec­tion […]

MX Air in evdev

(with thanks to the semi-anonym­ous com­ment on my last post for point­ing me more firmly at the evdev sub­sys­tem) The MX Air mouse presents two sep­ar­ate HID devices. I’d noticed this before, but hadn’t worked out the sig­ni­fic­ance until this after­noon when I had a tent­at­ive first stab at get­ting the mouse work­ing with the […]

The Logitech MX Air mouse in Linux

Mini review : So a few weeks ago I went and dropped $160 on a Logit­ech MX Air mouse. I’ve been jus­ti­fy­ing this fairly out­rageous price by telling myself it would be a worth­while addi­tion to my desktop rig, which is look­ing more and more like a media centre every day. Sure, it actu­ally is […]