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Belated Ada Lovelace day post

I know I’m run­ning late, I’ve barely had time to think lately, let alone try to assemble a coher­ent blog post. But yes­ter­day was Ada Lovelace day and I wanted to draw some atten­tion to one of the less vocal but def­in­itely no less import­ant mem­bers of the Sydney IT com­munity; good friend and crack […]

Diffusing on-camera flash with a film canister

So I was cam­era-ner­d­ing with Alice at a party on Sat­urday night, and found myself whinging migh­tily about on-cam­era flashes. They’re harsh and tend to com­pletely wash out a pic­ture. She brought up an art­icle she’d read recently about using an old film can­is­ter as a dif­fuser, and a moments invest­ig­a­tion showed that she had […]

Photographing an impression.

So tonight I went and saw Six Pock­et The­ory play at the Annandale. They were pretty awe­some, btw, and I highly recom­mend check­ing them out. But that’s beside the point. I took a cam­era (the new 400D, for those of you play­ing along at home) along almost as an after­thought, and only shot half a […]


I’m on leave for a few weeks soon, and today I was giv­en a sur­pris­ingly fat Christ­mas bonus. So instead of doing any­thing use­ful like book­ing accom­mod­a­tion or try­ing to learn Thai or maybe even (gasp!) work­ing, I’ve been think­ing about buy­ing new pho­to­graphy gear to take on my trip. The list cur­rently looks like: […]