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Controlling external lighting with Arduino

The path to my front door is long and very poorly lit. There’s a sensor light moun­ted above it, but that’s nev­er worked and, liv­ing in a rent­al, get­ting it fixed has been a bit of a task. So I bought a roll of 3-wire LED rope light on eBay. Cable-tied it to the under­side […]

Jackson PT9723 remote power control and Arduino

The Jack­son PT9723 is yet anoth­er 433MHz remote power con­trol sys­tem. I picked mine up on sale from Office­works last month, who don’t seem to sell them any more. But they’re still read­ily avail­able online for a fairly mod­est price. I bought it with the inten­tion of con­trolling it with an Ardu­ino. How­ever, inter­fa­cing with […]