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Prototyping nRF24L01+ modules on Arduino

I star­ted look­ing at the nRF24L01 chips while plan­ning a con­trol­ler for the sprink­ler in my back yard. They seemed like a pretty good option for low-cost, low-power wire­less Ardu­ino com­mu­nic­a­tion. They’re not per­fect, but when you can buy a 10-pack of mod­ules for twelve bucks on eBay it’s easy to settle for not per­fect. […]

Hosting multiple wireless networks on OpenWRT

A little while ago I finally bit the bul­let and reflashed my aging first-gen­er­­a­­tion WRT-54G with the shiny new Kami­kaze release of Open­WRT. I’ve been a little indif­fer­ent about the upgrade from the older Whiter­us­si­an series, and fairly annoyed by the fact that my router no longer seems to want to redi­al the PPPoE con­nec­tion […]