Blade Glimpse

Posted at — Sep 15, 2020

The Blade Glimpse was a micro quadcopter with a reasonably good 720p video camera, accessible via wifi. It’s discontinued, but in mid-2020 is still being sold by a handful of shops in Australia.

This page attempts to be a central place for information I’ve found trying to continue to use the quadcopter, and its onboard camera.

Using the camera on modern smartphones

The on-board camera is designed to be used with an accompanying smartphone app. The app is no longer available on the Google Play store. It’s possible to get the apk from third-party archive sites and sideload it, but that requires older versions of Android. I was able to run it on my old stock Oppo R9, but on my new Pixel 4 running an up-to-date Android the app doesn’t start at all. I don’t have an iOS device to test, but I’d be amazed if Apple are still listing it.

Fortunately it’s still pretty easy to view and control the camera, just using your phone’s web browser, without modifying the device. Bookmark these URLS:

Connect your phone to the Glimpse AP as normal (connect to “Glimpse_xxxxxx”, with a password of “12345678”). These three bookmarks should then work to provide all the same functionality the app had.

Accessing the camera module

The module exposes an unprotected root shell - just telnet to for root access.

The camera is a rebranded “Nuvoton SkyEye”. Looking around for that leads to an old [RC Groups thread][5] with some notes about the processor, and modifying the root filesystem.