Objects In Space

Posted at — Jun 26, 2019

Objects in Space is a modempunk space-trading game with a very stealth-oriented focus. I’ve written a few tools and mods for the game.

Arduinos in Space

The game includes a fairly comprehensive serial protocol, for receiving vessel telemetry and sending commands to control your vessel. Arduinos in Space is an Arduino (and PlatformIO) library implementing this protocol. Arduinos in Space aims to provide an easy to use Arduino-esque interface to the game, while still being fast and flexible. See the full documentation on the unofficial OiS wiki for installation, usage and API documentation.


Helm console on an Enceladus-class ship, running EarlyText

EarlyText is a font replacement mod, based on common 5x7 LCD display fonts. The goals for EarlyText were:

Using it

Download Extract to your mod folder. Enjoy!